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Statement From A.G. Schneiderman On Federal Court Ruling Granting Preliminary Injunction In DACA Case

(ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC T SCHNEIDERMAN) February 13, 2018 — A.G. Schneiderman Leads Coalition of 17 AGs that Sued to Protect DREAMers NEW YORK – Today, a federal judge granted Attorney General Schneiderman and his fellow Attorneys General’s motion for a preliminary injunction to block President Trump’s rescission of DACA. Attorney General Schneiderman leads the coalition of […]

End of Commercial Bail & Divestment in Private Prisons: Scott Stringer

(NEW YORK CITY SCOTT STRINGERS) January 19, 2017 — The U.S. jails more people than any country on the planet – over a million Americans. That’s because for decades, our nation embraced a backwards approach to criminal justice. Since it was politically popular to be “tough on crime,” America built more and more prisons, and implemented policies that […]

What’s Next for Net Neutrality in Congress and the Courts

(COMMON DREAM) Craig Aaron, January 18, 2017 — On Tuesday, all 47 Senate Democrats announced they would co-sponsor a “resolution of disapproval” to overturn the FCC’s Net Neutrality-killing vote last December. Add in the pledged support from the two Senate independents as well as Republican Susan Collins, and we have 50 votes. In other words, we need […]

Moving to Scrap Rule Aimed at ‘Bottom-Feeding’ Payday Lenders, Trump’s CFPB Accused of Betraying Core Mission

(COMMON DREAMS) Julia Conley, January 18, 2017 — The government agency tasked with shielding Americans from unfair practices by banks, creditors, and corporations announced Tuesday that it was taking steps to revise regulations for payday lenders—regarded by consumer protection advocates as predatory corporations that take advantage of people in dire financial straits. Weeks after being installed as […]

Trump ‘Tip Stealing’ Rule Would Cost Workers $5.8 Billion Per Year: Report

(COMMON DREAMS) Jake Johnson, January 18, 2017 — President Donald Trump’s war on workers has spawned a number of disastrous policy moves, from cuts to federal employees’ pay increases to directives making it harder for workers to unionize. But one of the “nastiest” policy shifts Trump is pursuing is a rule that would allow companies to steal […]

Trump push to scale back welfare programs has Republicans on edge

(REUTERS) Richard Cowan, Susan Cornwall, January 8, 2017 — Emboldened by his victory in the passage of the biggest U.S. tax overhaul in decades, President Donald Trump now wants to rein in social welfare programs even though some Republicans are wary of tackling the volatile issue in a congressional election year. A White House-led drive to downsize […]