A Baby Born With Her Heart Outside Her Body Is Believed to Be the First in U.K. to Survive

(TIME) Laignee Barron, December 14, 2017 — Against all odds, a British baby born with her heart outside her body is alive and recovering from her third surgery. Vanellope Hope Wilkins, who was delivered three weeks ago in the English city of Leicester, was born with the extremely rare condition ectopia cordis, the BBC reports. She is […]

Tax Plan Won’t Pay For Itself

(NEWSWEEK)  Nicole Goodkind, December 13, 2017 — After months of pressure from watchdog groups, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, led by Trump appointee Steve Mnuchin, has released a one-page analysisof the Republican tax bill. The report shows that even when analyzed under Republican-favored methods, the tax cuts will enlarge the federal deficit and require additional policy changes […]

Small Explosive Device Detonated In Midtown Subway Corridor

(MSCC) John Mudd, December 11, 2017 — At 7:20am On December 11, 2017, the 27 year-old suspected perpetrator, Okayed Ullah, set off a small tech explosive device, while walking along the underground corridor linking the IND 8th Avenue trains to the IRT 7th Avenue trains.  Three people Suffered minor injuries, while the suspect suffered more life […]

For some inmates, being released can be more terrifying than being locked up

(USA TODAY) Terrance Coffie, December 10, 2017 — The day began like so many others. I was standing in my apartment, drinking coffee and watching the news. My past — which was filled with horrible decisions that had led to drug use and multiple attempted robberies — was weighing heavily on my mind. I had long since left that lifestyle behind. But, as a […]

UN Experts Say Video Footage of Taser Use in US Jails Reveals Torture

(COMMON DREAMS) Andrea Germanos, December 9, 2017 — United Nations experts had a damning assessment of taser use in U.S. jails, saying footage they viewed revealed the need for investigations and in some cases showed abusive use of the devices so severe it amounted to torture. The watchdogs viewed video footage obtained by Reuters of 22 incidents […]

As World Warms, Heart-Breaking Video Shows What It Looks Like When a Polar Bear Starves

(COMMON DREAMS) Julia Conley, December 9, 2017 — A video of a starving polar bear led to calls for climate change denialists to confront the real-world effects of global warming this week. Taken by a Canadian conservationist and photographer and posted to social media, the video offered a stark visual of the drastic impacts of climate change that […]

Word of the Day: Xanadu

XANADU / zan–uh-doo, -dyoo / Noun DEFFINITION A place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment CITATION So now there is this Xanadu, a ghost town from birth. On paper it is the second richest place in China, per capita income just behind Shanghai.Ken Liu, “The Long Haul: From the Annals of Transportation, The Pacific Monthly, May 2009,” […]

The GOP Tax Scam Two-Step: Explode the Deficit With Cuts for Rich, Then Screw the Poor

(COMMON DREAMS) Jake Johnson, December 4, 2017 — Senate Republicans proclaimed on Friday that they have the votes to pass a $1.5 trillion tax bill whose contents have been kept secret from virtually everyone except corporate lobbyists. Progressive lawmakers and activists are once more warning that the GOP is planning to use the massive deficit hole its […]