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Midtown South Community Council’s May 18, 2017 Meeting Minutes   

(MSCC) Eileen Miller and Frank Kelly, June 15, 2017 — Midtown South Community Council May 18, 2017 Monthly Meeting


John Mudd opens meeting by greeting those in attendance and introducing Lt. Marines.

Lt. Marines acknowledged 8 Police Academy recruits who are receiving 2 weeks of training at MTS.

Lt. Marines presented the crime statistics for MTS: Lowest incidence in the 7 major crime categories year to date. Grand larceny auto up year to date.

#WATCHYOUSTUFF campaign from Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance’s office will launch on May 30th to remind people to be vigilant about their surroundings and personal property.

Lt. Marines reinforced MTS dedication for a solution to the garbage situation at the precinct with a meeting with DOS and the MTS Community Council. He followed up on the commuter bus stops on W31st St. MTS officers continue to issue summonses to the bus operators. He also followed up with information on the MTS commitment to work with the homeless.

Sharon introduced the evening’s first guest speaker: Rev. Brian Ellis-Gibbs, Pastor, Queens Baptist Church and Faith-based Community Engagement Coordinator, Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (FPWA). His church is one of almost 200 human services and faith-based organizations that are members of FPWA. FPWA reaches close to 1.5 million low income New Yorkers of all ages, ethnicities, and denominations. Website:,, 212 777 4800, 40 Broad St, NY, NY 10004.

John introduced the meeting’s 2nd guest speaker: Beth Hofmeister, Staff Attorney, Homeless Rights Project, Civil Practice, 199 Water St, NY, NY 10038, 212 577 3496,

Ms. Hofmeister noted that the Dept. of Homeless Services states that of about 58,000 people in city shelters, half are children. Noting that New York is a right-to-shelter state, she outlined her project’s activities:

* Legislation and bringing class action suits

* Working with teens and families

* Advising those in drop-in shelters


Midtown South Community Council’s April 20, 2017 Meeting Minutes

(MSCC) Eileen Miller, Frank Kelly, May 18, 2017 — Midtown South Community Council April 20 2017 Meeting Minutes



John Mudd opened the meeting by announcing that Inspector Russell Green was on jury duty in Westchester and thus unavailable.

Capt. Spataro gave an overview of crime in the precinct: Serious felonies were down 10% year-to-date and 12% for the 28-day period; robberies were down 37%.

He described the March 20 incident in which a 60-year-old man collecting cans was stabbed by a man from Baltimore. The victim went into the precinct where officers tried in vain to save his life. The alleged attacker turned himself in.

Capt. Spataro mentioned that people have been using fake credit cards to extract cash from ATMs in the precinct; two individuals were caught in the act.

Capt. Spataro mentioned that the police department is trying to get an injunction through the Department of Transportation against operators of the 31st Street buses.

Elizabeth Moehle discussed the NYPD’s immigration policy:

  • NYPD does not ask complainants about their immigration status.
  • A New York City ID is a valid form of identification.
  • NYPD does not work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • It does not honor administrative warrants.
  • NYPD officers are not deputized and thus cannot act to enforce immigration policy.

Capt. Spataro described grand larcenies perpetrated by individuals who grab phones of passersby from their bikes. They have curved handlebars, one is green, one red.


Midtown South Community Council’s 2016/17 Annual Report

(MSCC) Sharon Jasprizza, John Mudd, May 17, 2017 — Midtown South Community Council 2016/17 Annual Activity Update: This report expresses our mission and progressive plans. We are committed to a better quality of life here in midtown Manhattan.

Midtown South Community Council (MSCC) is a NFP 501 C3 organization and files an IRS Form 990-N



Improving quality of life.


The Mission of Midtown South Community Council (MSCC), established in 1983, was formed to combat the many problems facing residents and businesses within Midtown’s heavily commercialized area.


President John Mudd, Vice President Bill Otterson, Recording Secretaries Eileen Miller & Frank Kelly, Director of Community Services Sharon Jasprizza, Director of Arts and Culture Kate Lee, Director of Beautification and Environment Eugene Sinigalliano, Director of Homeless and Housing Support Marc Greenberg, Executive Editor Grace Cavallo, Direct of Marketing Cyndie Burkhardt.

Nadia Reis Shen and Fritz Washabaugh continue to build our website to enable new initiatives and new platform development.

Dan Simon, our videographer, supports the development of our online library and our YouTube channel.


Financials and tax: Kevin Maguire, CPA, Manager – FS Audit, Rich & Bander Accounting firm,  212684-2470,

Legal: Howard Lieb, Esq, 917-497-2847,


Commanding Officer Inspector Russell Green; Executive Officer Capt. Stephen Sputaro; Lt. Louis Marines; Detective Paul Spano; P.O. Edward McDonald; MTS Crime Prevention; MTS Community Affairs


The communication platforms we use include:

  • Monthly meetings, held every third Thursday at 7:00pm at the New Yorker Hotel (except July and January)
  • Community forums and follow-up meetings for resolutions
  • Two eNewsletters per month with a readership of over 500
  • provides timely information on programs, news, and events
  • Our newsletter announces meetings and provides updates of our progress
  • Email threads (available on demand) are proving very effective by progressing and resolving current issues
  • Our YouTube channel library highlights experts on a variety of issues that plague our community
  • Our Wikipedia page supports the Council’s work and presence


How we make a difference, how we measure success, and how we serve the public will best be defined through our following programs:

  1. Arts and Culture
  2. Beautification and Environment
  3. Building Communities
  4. Education and Awareness
  5. Homeless and Housing Support
  6. Urban Farming
  7. Volunteer and Internships



(MSCC) Sharon Jasparizza, John Mudd, April 27, 2017 — Midtown South Community Council (MSCC) is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity. MSCC meets the requirements under Fair Labor and Standards Act. We have volunteer and internship opportunities to support our communities, service providers, and outreach programs. Most opportunities are in midtown of New York City, while some may be done remotely, and are unpaid.

Volunteer and internship applications are ongoing. Keep an eye on our website,, for updates.

Volunteer and internship opportunities:
Creating a long term social media plan and calendar
Relationship building with our community
Administration of our data bases
Secretarial support
Seeking and writing grant applications
Assisting our board members with our programs

The following volunteer and internship requirements are useful but not necessary:
Strong communications and team skills
Creative and flexible
Familiarity with marketing and social media
Interest in not-for-profit management and community development

Volunteer and Internship opportunities are available to any interested parties. To apply for these opportunities send the following to
cover letter with contact details and area of interest
150 words describing your reason for applying
current resume
recommendation letter

Last update April 27, 2017

Midtown South Community Council March 16, 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

(MSCC) Eileen Miller, Frank Kelly, April 18, 2017  — Midtown South Community Council March 16, 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes


John Mudd opened the meeting by announcing Earth Day events, Saturday, April 22.The council will be participating with MTS and Garment District Alliance in the neighborhood cleanup effort. John Mudd said a program advancing rooftop gardens is under way which will provide fresh vegetables and jobs. Joe Winter, gardener, is progressing with this mission.

Inspector Green expressed his thanks to John Mudd and the community council board for their beautification efforts, calling it a “really worthwhile project” He said that he attended a Town Hall meeting ”Chelsea Now: Mayoral Q&A” on March, 15, at NYC Lab High School for Collaborative Studies on W17th St, moderated by Council Member Corey Johnson and attended by Mayor Bill De Blasio. It was co-sponsored by Community Boards 2,4,5, and 7.

Inspector Green said that grand larcenies and burglaries continue be an issue. Robberies were up by 7 over the year/earlier 28-day period. There were 6 robberies

In the Port Authority Bus Terminal, to none a year earlier.

Inspector Green said that Sgt. Andrew Ho and P.O. Tom McAleer of MTS reported 611 contact with 611 homeless, and 20 removals and they issued 2 summonses. Inspector Green reported on the 3/5/17 arrest of Pascal Vargas for drawing swastikas in bathrooms around Penn Station over a two-week period. He is being prosecuted for hate crimes in each instance.

Inspector Green reported on the March 8 MTS arrest of a man who had called 911 4,198 times since December.  Suspect was apprehended through the use of cell phone photo.

Inspector Green also mentioned the 3/15/17 arrest of a man who had left a briefcase inside the Port Authority Terminal. Bomb Squad was called. Officers opened it and found a stun grenade The man was taken into custody when he returned for the briefcase, which had been left on a chair.

John Mudd discussed the Community Council’s plans for Earth Week and Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017, 10:00am-4:00pm. The Council will share a booth with Garment District Alliance, Broadway between 40th & 41st Streets. John asked those in attendance to take the Council’s new promotional information cards to distribute in the community.

Beautification Director Eugene Sinigalliano spoke about beautification projects with street cleanups and quality of life issues. Eugene described a program partnering with Dept. of Sanitation called “Adopt a basket” where a business would have volunteers emptying trash baskets that they sponsor before DOS could make pickups. Eugene went on to describe the Tree Care Project of the Chelsea Garden Club.

The evening’s guest speaker was: Kathy Kathng of CityRax. Her company manages the modular news rack program for the Grand Central Partnership. It provides 50 participating publishers with news racks that display their publications. John Mudd and Eugene Sinigalliano and Kathy Kahng recently walked around midtown and counted 128 individual racks.

Attendees were reminded to participate in voting in the NYC Council Participatory Budgeting project. Council Member Corey Johnson set up this voting for District 3. An explanation of the project PB Project Expo, and a chance to participate in early voting to prioritize spending will be held on March 21 at P.S. 340, 590 Sixth Ave., at 17th Street.

A representative of Public Advocate Letitia James (212 669 7250, discussed 3 of the initiatives: Hate Crimes, Protect New Yorkers with Disabilities and Affordable Housing.

Edgar Yu of District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr office announced “Hate Crime Forum: Thursday, March 23, 2017, 6:30-8:30pm Edward A Reynolds West Side High School, 140 W102nd St., RSVP212 873 0282, X206, . Mr. Vance and NYC Council Members: Mark Levine, Helen Rosenthal and Bill Perkins are scheduled to attend.

Edgar Yu discussed the May 30th launch of Mr. Vance’s social media campaign #watchyourstuff. Noting that 70% of crime south of 59th St involves unattended property.

Officials in attendance:

MTSCC President John Mudd, Vice President Bill Otterson, Community Service Director Sharon Jasprizza, Secretary Eileen Miller, Assistant Secretary Frank Kelly, Beautification Director Eugene Sinigalliano

Inspector Russell Green, commanding officer MTS, Capt. Stephen Sputaro, Executive Officer, Lt. Louis Marines, Special Operations, P.O. Edward McDonald, MTS Crime Prevention, MTS Community Affairs

Also attending:

Jermaine Moorehead, Times Square NYC Hotel

Alfredo Marty, Blarney Stone, 410 8th Ave

Alicia Sheppard, Molly Wee Pub

Eucine Seo, West Garden Spa

David Rios, Rick’s Cabaret & Vivid

Venue, 251 W30th St.

Twitter account handles:  @NYPDMTS, Transit Division @NYPDTRANSIT

The next MTS Community Council meeting will be held on Thursday, April 20, 2017, 7:00 p.m., at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel on 8th Avenue between 34th and 35th streets.

MSCC Launches News Rack / Newspaper Dispenser Design Contest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  April 2017 – Midtown South Community Council (MSCC) is launching its Newsrack/Newspaper Dispenser Design Contest. The prizes are worth the effort. So get creative and get going.

The MSCC is looking for innovative designs for an aesthetically appealing outdoor Newsrack/Newspaper Dispenser to improve pedestrian safety and passage in the Midtown South area. The design should be streamlined, should showcase the publication, should be immovable, and able to withstand damage and the elements.

Our newspapers and magazines are currently housed in plastic newsracks that are regulated through the Department of Transportation (DOT). These newsracks are easily manipulated and often a problematic; many are empty and turned on their side for sitting, and even sleeping, and they are often used as posts to chain racks, hand carts, and milk crates to. Many of the newsracks do not include contact information, are damaged, and some are moved and placed illegally(?).

The contest prizes include:

  • $500 for the design accepted by MSCC
  • Additional $1000 if the design is accepted by MSCC’s partners, Community Boards and publishers
  • Additional $1,000 if the design renders an acceptable prototype


Midtown South Community Council’s February 16, 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

(MSCC) Secretary Eileen Miller, Assistant Secretary Frank Kelly, March 16, 2017 — Midtown South Community Council February 16, 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes


John Mudd opened the meeting by saying there were no updates on the rooftop garden project. John said he talked with a representative of Grand Central Partnership on its policy maintaining newspaper/magazine boxes that fixed. Eugene Sinigalliano is working on it and hopes to have solid updates next time.

Capt. Spataro said that the precinct is keeping up the pressure on the illegally parked commuter buses on W31st St. with a joint operation with the Dept of Transportation. One bus was put out of service, 5 buses inspected, 17 violations were written and a police officer is dedicated to this operation.

Inspector Green acknowledged the presence of Police Academy trainees assign to MTS for their 2 week training with Sgt. Wall and Lt. McKenna and they will be the precinct full time when they graduate.

Inspector Green mentioned  that two prolific robbers were apprehended. Alex Garcia  is suspected of attempting  7 bank robberies in December, 5 of them in the precinct. The second robbery suspect is accused of robbing 4 banks in one day and 6 in 8 days. He was arrested on 1/23/17.

Inspector Green said there has been a small increase in robberies- 23 year to date to 17 in the comparable period a year earlier.  Also there were 8 stolen vehicles with only 1 at the same juncture of 2016. 4 of them had keys in the ignition making it a crime of opportunity.

Inspector Green and Det. Spano attended a meeting with concerned street vendors. They heard from vendors who feel that they are being treated differently by police than those who hold the NYS Veteran vendors license.

John Mudd said the council is organizing volunteers to clear the precinct next week of street clutter: mail crates, milk crates and bicycles illegally chained to sign posts. The launch of the first phase of the council’s homeless app is about two months out.


John Mudd introduced the evening’s speaker, Lisa Larkin, Assistant Program Director, Breaking Ground, 505 Eighth Ave, 5th Fl, NY, NY 10018, 212 389 9300,, Ms. Larkin described the organization’s work with the homeless population. It covers the area from 59th St to 10th St., river to river. Its goal is to meet people where they are, offering services, taking histories and continuing to monitor their situation. The organization has 9 case managers. Lisa Larkin mentioned that her organization has done info sharing with Sgt. Andrew Ho of Midtown South, who works closely with the homeless.


Resident neighbor of the precinct raised the issue of police vehicles parking on 9th Ave between 34th and 35th St Streets. The far left lane is a left turn only lane and traffic control procedure closed the lane. Parking spaces have decreased. Inspector Green

pointed out that there are 18 parking spots for 48 police vehicles at the precinct and   the department is working with the community to ease the situation.

MTSCC President John Mudd, Vice President Bill Otterson,  Director of Community Relations Sharon Jasprizza,  Beautification Director Eugene Sinigalliano,

Officials in attendance:

Inspector Russell Green, commanding officer, MTS; Capt. Stephen Spataro, Lt. Louis Marines, Special Operations;  Det. Paul Spano, MTS Community Affairs, P.O. Edward McDonald, MTS Crime Prevention,  P.O. Thomas Byrnes, Community Affairs, Sgt Timothy Wall, Training Officer, P.O. Martin Reyes, P.O .Richard Fazio, NYPD Transit District 1

Also attending:

Alfredo Marty, Blarney Stone, 410 8th Ave

John Clancy, Foley’s Restaurant, 18 West 33rd St

Alicia Shepard, Molly Wee Pub, 402 Eighth Ave

Craig Primus, CUNY, 365 Fifth Ave

Eunice Seo, West Garden Spa, 243 W30th St

David Rios, Rick’s Cabaret and Vivid, 50 W33rd St

Gerard McNamee, representing American Beauty Beer Bar & Concert Venue, 251 W30th St.

Brian Hester, Times Square Alliance, 1560 Broadway

 Twitter account handles:  @NYPDMTS, Transit Division @NYPDTRANSIT

The next MTS Community Council meeting will be held on Thursday, March 16, 2017, 7:00 p.m., at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel on 8th Avenue between 34th and 35th streets.

Midtown South Community Council’s January 19, 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes

(MSCC) Eileen Miller, Frank Kelly, February 16, 2017 — Midtown South Community Council January 19, 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes


John Mudd opened the meeting by asking if all are receiving the council’s electronic

newsletter. The council is working on an app that would give all agencies working with the homeless access to  individuals’ information once they are interviewed. John said that homelessness is a solvable issue once smart people join forces.

John said that the council’s annual report is to be released in February. He acknowledged Joseph Winter and Daniel Mintz,, 205 West 39th St, NYC. The idea is to green the rooftop of the MTS precinct headquarters to produce food and jobs in the precinct.

John introduced Eugene Sinigalliano, Beautification Director, who is preparing for the fixed installation of magazine and newspaper boxes to replace the plastic ones that are being used by the homeless as furniture. The council will sponsor a design contest for the boxes. DOT has final say in the replacement of boxes.

Inspector Green opened his remarks by asking for a moment of silence in honor of

Det. Steven McDonald, the paralyzed NYPD officer whose funeral service was held on January 13th at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Inspector Green outlined crime statistics in the precinct: burglaries and grand larceny account for 85% of crimes in the precinct. He said to always be aware of your surroundings as NYC is a tourist destination. If you are a victim of theft cancel you credit cards as soon as possible.

Inspector Green described the incident on 1/16/17 where a pedestrian was a victim of hit-and-run on 35th St and 7th Ave. One of the biggest problems is the blind spot for cars turning left.

Inspector Green related his experience in participating in tabletop counterterrorism exercises in which he and other precinct commanders, Amtrak Police, National Guard and State Police participated. Goal: site security.

Inspector Green outlined the precinct’s homeless outreach efforts by establishing a unit

consisting of one sergeant and two police officers which they work with about 12 homeless outreach organizations. John Mudd reinforced the importance of documenting and reporting homeless issues.


John Mudd introduced the evening’s guest speaker, Marc Greenberg, Executive

Director of the Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing (1047 Amsterdam

Ave, NY,NY 10025, 212 316 3171, One of his organization’s initiatives is to insure that 30,000 NY households facing eviction each year in housing court are provided with legal counsel. He said that 90% of landlords appearing in housing court

are represented by counsel, to just 10% of tenants. His organization is seeking an increase in the shelter allowance which currently is $215 every two weeks. Mr. Greenberg noted that the launch of construction on the 35,000 housing units the state and city have pledged to build over 15 years is awaiting the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Gov. Cuomo and the the leaders of the state legislature.


Residents of West 31st St thanked the precinct for being so responsive to their

complaints about the illegal bus stop near their building.  Some issues still need to be


Lt. Marines said that one way to solve the situation might be to increase the amount of fines for repeated violations.


MTSCC President John Mudd, Vice President Bill Otterson,  Director of Community Relations Sharon Jasprizza,  Beautification Director Eugene Sinigalliano,

Secretary Eileen Miller, Assistant Secretary Frank Kelly

Officials in attendance:

Inspector Russell Green, commanding officer, MTS;

Lt. Louis Marines, Special Operations;  Det. Paul Spano, MTS Community Affairs,

P.O. Edward McDonald, MTS Crime Prevention,

P.O. Joseph McCadden, Community Affairs; Sgt. Erin Rabbitt, Traffic Safety;

P.O. John Hannigan, Field Intelligence Officer; P.O. Martin Reyes, Auxiliary Coordinator; P.O. Richard Fabio, NYPD Transit District 1

Also attending:

Alfredo Marty, Blarney Stone, 410 8th Ave

Craig Primus, CUNY, 365 Fifth Ave.

Noelle Mooney, Stout, 133 W33rd St

Jermaine Moorehead, 1560 Broadway, Times Square Alliance

Representative of West Garden Spa, 243 W30th St

David Rios, Rick’s Cabaret and Vivid, 50 W33rd St

Gerard McNamee, representing American Beauty Beer Bar & Concert Venue, 251 W30th St.

Representatives of McGettigan’s, 70 W36th St

Twitter account handles:  @NYPDMTS, Transit Division @NYPDTRANSIT


The next MTS Community Council meeting will be held on Thursday, February 16 , 2017, 7:00 p.m., at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel on 8th Avenue between 34th and 35th streets.

Midtown South Community Council’s November 17, 2016 Monthly Meeting Minutes

(MSCC) Eileen Miller, Frank Kelly, January 19, 2017 — Midtown South Community Council’s November 17, 2016 Monthly Meeting Minutes



John Mudd opened the meeting by announcing that Inspector Russell Green, C.O., was on duty at Trump Towers and would not be attending the meeting.

John Mudd said a program advancing rooftop gardens is under way which will provide fresh vegetables and jobs. Joe Winter, gardener, is progressing with this mission. Also, MTSCC beautification director Eugene Sinigalliano will be meeting to set up a contest to redesign magazine /newspaper holders in Midtown. West 38th St homeless

Encampment reduced through outreach.

Lt. Marines welcomed 6 new NYPD recruits in training attending the meeting.

Capt. Sputaro addressed the issue of garbage in the rear of MTS Precinct. Collection had been moved from the back of the precinct to the front and along the side, out of public view. He continued the discussion of the precinct’s concern for the homeless issue. Working with residents and businesses. Reminding that loitering is not a crime in New York State. He added that in the most recent 28-day period crime was down 12% and is down 2% year-to-date. The precinct has been targeting robberies, and they were down 20% over the 28-day period and 10% year-to-date.

Capt. Sputaro addressed the issue of illegal buses on West 31st St. More that 30 summons have been issued. An operation is planned the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

P.O. Edward McDonald, crime prevention officer, gave crime prevention tips for the upcoming holidays: Keep an eye on your property at all times and do not leave bags unattended.

John Mudd introduced the meeting’s speaker – Giselle Routhier, policy director, Coalition For The Homeless. Ms. Routhier gave an overview of her organization, which was founded in 1981. In the early 1980s, a lawsuit supported by the coalition established the right to shelter for homeless adult men. Over the years this policy has been expanded to include women and families., 129 Fulton St, NY, NY 10038, 212 964 5900


Inner City Farmer Meeting Minutes, January 4, 2017

(MSCC) Daniel Mintz, January 17, 2017 — MSCC/Inner City Farmer January 4, 2017 meeting minutes of the Site visit at Midtown South Police Precinct, 357 West 35th Street, NYC for the rooftop gardening project.


Inner City Farmer:  Joseph Winter, Daniel Mintz

Midtown South Community Council:   President John Mudd

Midtown South Precinct: Inspector Russell Green, Paul Spano – Community Relations Officer, Officer Thomas Byrnes

YK Structures (Structural Engineers):   Gene Hu

We visited the roof of the MSP, which is on the fourth floor.   Access is via interior stairs from ground level and there is also an elevator to the third floor.   JW thinks the four flights would not be a problem for transporting materials.

Roof level is very open and roof system looks fairly new.    MSP said building was built in the 60s/70s.      Total footprint unknown at this point, but roof is basically open.   There is no water tap on the roof.    MSP said that there is not any sensitive equipment on the rooftop.  PS said tools and materials could be stored in the bulkhead just inside the roof.

GH asked whether MSP had original structural plans, and MSP said most likely no.   JM said he would contact expediter to obtain plans from DOB.

Midtown South Community Council, 331 W 38th St., NY, NY 10018,, 917-520-3009

All parties discussed with GH threshold issue of whether roof would be suitable.   GH estimate without reviewing the plans was that the decking was most likely concrete and could sustain a load of approx. 50 psf.  JW described for the group types of planters and plant medium used on roof at 205 W. 39th St.